The Samsung Galaxy S series has been the biggest gamble of the South Korean company to compete with the iPhone. With the success of Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung continues to generate interest on Galaxy S7. The current product of Samsung has received positive reviews all over and it even called as the Smartphone of our dreams.

Now that Samsung Galaxy S6 is a certain reality that Samsung already have in mind the next step the upper end and the spearhead as Android devices are concerned. The Samsung S Series has always been a leader in technology, supported by data devices sold in this series to reach 200 million units, excluding S6 surely further increase this figure.

We see the most interesting speculated specifications and features Galaxy S7


The device has not been confirmed yet, only predicted based on conventional patterns of release. Fans know that the current flagship of Samsung s6 and s6 edge was introduced in March. The new Galaxy S7 device may arrive this year, fighting the Apple iPhone 7. It is still too early to know, or even imagine, features that have this phone. However, most of the rumors of this phone have been directed especially to the screen.


At this point, we will see how the device assumptions are, in terms of rumour. As we have not yet heard anything from Samsung, these details should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Design and Display:

According to the latest rumors, Samsung has been making large quantities of curved screens to a company. If this were true, it could mean two things: either that the curved screen was established as the standard design the flagship of Samsung, or that Samsung has plans to launch a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge parallel to the main model, as has happened this year.

Early rumors say that Samsung increased production of the curved screen of the device, making the Galaxy S7 Edge as the main device. This might not be impossible, considering that the company successfully created the Galaxy S6 Edge. As suggested by reports and Samsung fight for having the first flexible phone.

As for the screen, It is assumed that the Galaxy S7 have a 4K screen, a 5.5 AMOLED screen. In this case, Samsung could fight for the pilot 4K sharp as the company announced its intention to produce supposedly similar screens using IGZO technology. Still, these are just rumors and speculation. We have to wait several months to see the final specifications.

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